Updated: Jun 3, 2021

WHORES PICNIC 2021, a celebration of sex workers and those who have paved the way in our fight for labor rights.

Who is WHORES PICNIC for? Anyone who rejects whorephobia, for sex workers, for friends, family, children, partners, and allies!

What is whorephobia? "Whorephobia refers to the negative stereotypes, stigma, and marginalization sex workers face, which stems from a pervasive fear and hatred of sex workers. This fear and hatred frequently intersects with the fear and hatred of other marginalized groups."

Norris Square Park

2100 N Howard St.

Philadelphia, PA

No Nudity: We want to continue to be welcome in the park.

Covid: Asses your own risk.

Poster by yours truly. There's going to be food, workshops, music, open pole, and vendors. And....

The IN^ERSIONS REUNION SHOW will be at 6pm sharp, preshow will be at 5pm with circus, dance and theatre troupe ALMANAC.

PREVENTION MEETS FASHION will also be joining us. They work to increase sexual health knowledge in Black LGBTQIA and non-binary communities through fashion, advocacy and community education.

Plus VEGGIE MIJAS focused on the communal healing of the global majority. We aim to create sacred spaces built on solidarity and respect, where folx's can share their experiences with food or having a plant-based lifestyle through an intersectional lens.

And last but not least WORKERS REVOLUTIONARY COLLECTIVE will be hosting a clothing swap.

Big thanks to our sponsors Reign Of Terror Entertainment, Lady Rouge, Femdom Phila, Lezcronyms, Cristina, Wassup Gina and Gravers Lane.

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