Spring Get's Spanked Ep. 1

Updated: May 27, 2021

Track ID: Spank- Jimmy "Bo" Horne

First off, from the bottom of my black little heart, THANK YOU SM to everyone that supported me throughout the last year. I'm grateful beyond words for each gift and act of service that got me through. For the grocery deliveries, the rides, for the spontaneous midnight Venmo notifications that not only put a smile on my face, but put me at ease when it was rough. While we are still living our days in great flux I'M READY TO MAKE SPRING MY BITCH!

I'm currently booking sessions at Fuzzy Door, the beautiful private upscale dungeon of Lady Rouge, located in Center City Philadelphia. I'm also available to be booked for kink/ fetish performances, fire shows, pole dancing, modeling, Mxstress of Ceremonies (hosting), burlesque, cabaret and circus sideshow.

When is Inversions coming back!? The provocative pole dance show that brought you booties in all colors, shapes and genders. The only show in Philly that brought you a unique blend of sexy cirque, strippers and an opera singing dominatrix!.... I struggled hard to create a virtual version of this show, I hinted at it several times and then ended up never producing it as badly as I wanted to. Our butts will be back at you as soon as the opportunity to resume presents itself.

Lastly, all you bad bunnies and pansies can follow me on IG, Twitter, episodically here.

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