International Whores' Day Picnic 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

International Whores' Day is June 2nd. I’ll be hosting a sex worker family picnic on June 6th in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!!!

"On June 2nd, 1975, over 100 sex workers began an 8-day occupation at the Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France. They demanded the end of fines, stigma, police harassment, and the release of ten sex workers who had been imprisoned a few days earlier for soliciting. This occupation was initiated to call attention to the increasing violence against sex workers perpetrated by the French government. It was widely reported both nationally and internationally, receiving support from labor and feminist organizations alike. On June 10th, after 8 days of occupation, the police forcibly removed the women from the church, but their impact marked the start of an international movement.

IT CONTINUES WITH US. June 2nd has since become a benchmark day for sex workers all over the globe as International Whores’ Day prompts protests and celebrations every year."

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