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Dominatrix and Performance Artist


Mxstress Lilith is a queer, non-binary, Puerto Rican performance artist and dominatrix from Philadelphia. As a performance artist of 6 years they have an expansive and diverse array of skills in disciplines such as fire dance, pole, burlesque and circus sideshow. 

Beginning their training as a professional dominatrix 4 years ago, they have since continued to hone the art of BDSM through mentorships with industry professionals. Currently they session out of a private, upscale, fully equipped dungeon in Center City, Philadelphia and are a member of Femdom Philadelphia, an exclusive network for the dominatrix community. Equal parts sensual and sadistic, they live up to their name, embodying both gxddess and demon. They are also a BDSM educator.

Lilith is not just a performer, but also a host and producer. Inversions, their popular pole dance show, debuted in March of 2019 and had a very successful year with a residency at Tabu and also hosted shows at various other venues in Philadelphia and beyond. Each show featured  pole dancers, strippers, and a variety of erotic entertainers of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, body types and styles of expression. With each show they challenged the cookie cutter idea of a stripper that is promoted by the industry and popular culture. while creating a safe space for sexy entertainment.

NOW BOOKING domination sessions, kink/ fetish performances, fire shows, burlesque, circus sideshow, modeling, hosting and more.